Different water SAMDASOO!

"It takes time to filter through volcanic rock. The taste is different"

O-index (an index of the taste of water if more than 2 is considered good taste. If the value is great National car will be better)
The high index value is 7.81 compared to other brands. So the taste of water.

What is a good drinking water?

  • Water not contaminated with chemicals
  • Good taste
  • Make healthy
  • Magnesium and calcium in the right amount.
  • Water with low oxidation
  • Low alkalinity (pH 7.1 ~ 8.5)

[SamDaSoo JEJU] is

Naturally Filtered by

"volcanic scoria"

For 18 years,the rain water continues its journeythrough the volcanic layers including scoria later becoming Jeju Samdasoo.

Jeju is the only place in the world with the honor of having UNESCO titles UNESCO Biosphere Reserve / World Natural Heritage / Global Geoparks Network.


Jeju Samdasoo is extracted from 420m underneath of Mt. Halla.

[SamDaSoo JEJU] is


 in Bottled Water Market Shares in Korea 
 in Customer Satisfaction
 in Natural Mineral Water Brand Value
honor brand

Manufacturing process of Samdasoo


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